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Revitalize Your Home's Exterior With House Washing & More!

House washing

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Top Dog Tips blog. I'm the leader of the pack here at Top Dog Pressure Washing LLC, and my goal is to provide my friends and neighbors with over-the-top pressure washing in Corsicana for their homes and businesses.

Today I want to tell you about a recent residential project we had in Angus for a customer who had a beautiful home on a wooded lot. We pulled in the winding brick driveway to the stunning brick home. We walked up the brick sidewalk and greeted the homeowner on the brick porch, then followed around the property to the brick patio where we ascended the brick stairs to the brick pool deck.

Along the way, the client gestured to black streaks of algae in the mortar, moss growing on the brick, greasy automotive fluids in the driveway, and the dirt was everywhere. The homeowner admitted they had tried working like dogs to keep all of that brick clean, but that it just made them dog tired instead. They wanted to know if I had a solution to their problem and that's when it hit me like a brick - we were going to clean their home from the bottom to the top. It was time to send in the house washing pros to restore their Corsicana home to top condition.

Using our top-of-the-line pressure washing equipment with adjustable pressure settings and our environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are safe for people, plants, and your little dog, too, our top-tier pressure washing team got right to work. Let's take a look at a few of the top-quality services we performed to restore the beauty to all of that brick.

Driveway Washing Tops The List

The brick drive was in great shape, but there was a good bit of decaying organic material, invasive algae, and several stains from automotive fluids and road debris. We performed our driveway washing services on one side of the drive right in front of the garage to show the client the difference - the muck and grime came right off and the brick surface had a renewed brilliance that was truly top-notch.

Maintaining Safe Sidewalks With Sidewalk Cleaning

The home's sidewalks were lovely and meandered around the estate, however, the buildup of dirt made them appear dull and uninviting, while slippery patches of algae made them unsafe. Our sidewalk cleaning pros gently cleaned the brick surfaces, removing the nasty contaminants while protecting the integrity of the pathways.

Let Your House Go To The Dogs

The client was ready to let that magnificent house go to the dogs, and our Top Dogs were ready to rise to the challenge and show off our house washing skills. Using our soft washing method, we applied our eco-sound cleaning products to the brick surfaces, the vinyl siding, and the wood shutters, removing environmental pollutants, stains, and dirt from the vertical surfaces from the bottom to the top.

Patio Washing Perfection

The patio had a magnificent wood pergola providing shade for yet another expanse of brick, so our patio washing team went right to work to put the brick surface back in tip-top shape. We did have to disturb a sleeping dog to finish the job, but once we were done, he trotted right back over to his spot in the shade and resumed his station without worry thanks to our pet-friendly cleaning products.

Top Dog Deck Washing

Finally, our deck washing Top Dogs made their way to the pool deck, but there was no dog paddling for our gang. We eliminated the slippery algae, slimy grime, and nasty buildup from the red brick, revealing every shade on the spectrum to highlight the brilliant blue of the pool - it was stunning and taught this old dog that he still had a few new tricks up his sleeve.

If you're looking for top-quality house washing and other soft washing services for your home in the Corsicana area, call the top-rated top-tier pressure washing professionals at Top Dog Pressure Washing LLC at 903-644-1339 or use our easy online request form to schedule services for your Corsicana home.

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